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Keeping Watch in the Workplace

keeping an eye on things at the officeIf you own a business, chances are that either employee or customer theft (and perhaps both!) have been on your mind at some point. The fact is that, despite all the background checking services available, there are still plenty of low-character applicants who wind up employed.

It’s even worse nowadays because the advent of the internet has meant that employees are often “stealing” time from you to monitor Facebook feeds and surf the Web. Studies indicate that a shocking amount of productivity evaporates when employees have unchecked access to the internet at work.

What are your options in this regard? Well, you could implement personnel policy until the cows come home but, if no one is watching, the average employee will spend a good part of the workday in these non productive activities.

Camera Surveillance Makes a Tangible Difference

You might be pleasantly surprised to know that today’s latest technology has provided cost-effective options for minimizing both conventional and non-conventional employee theft. Camera systems using internet protocol are now capable of wirelessly transmitting video footage to almost anywhere you choose.

This means that you really only have to spring for the cost to buy and install the cameras. It’s no longer necessary to sit in front of multiple monitors and watch premises activity. Nor do you have to pay staff to do it for you!

Modern surveillance systems can record and store the captured video footage for simple retrieval at any future time. And the visual resolution of today’s surveillance camera footage is absolutely stunning to boot.

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